Praj’s strategy has been to expand its business horizons by leveraging its innovative, technology solutions in Bioeconomy. As a part of its newly launched Bio-Prism® portfolio, Praj is developing technologies to produce bio-based Renewable Chemicals and Materials (RCM). RCM produced from bio-based feedstocks, are sustainable alternatives to products made from fossil resources.

Praj’s Bio-Prism® portfolio comprises a variety of bio-industrial products, including bioplastics as a priority, along with cellulose-lignin refinery products and specialty products. These products have applications in industry sectors such as automotive, packaging, furnishing, construction, agriculture, and food. Over the short to medium term, Praj plans to commit substantial resources for technology and application development with its strategic partners.

Positive Impact of Bio-economy


  • Climate Changes
  • Global Warming
  • Cop-21 Commitment


  • Reduce foreign exchange/ import Bill
  • Bolster Rural economy
  • Bridge gap in Demand-supply of energy


  • Job Creation in farming community
  • Rural Entrepreneurship
  • Health issue due to pollution

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