Compressed Bio Gas (CBG)

PRAJ RenGas® Technology

Partnering for Better Tomorrow with Compressed Biogas (CBG) The Next Generation Biofuel
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    RNG: Biomethane produced by anaerobic digestion of Agri-residues/organic wastes
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    Reduces GHG & Carbon Emissions
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    Agro-based- Improves internal economies
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    Lower costs than Fossil fuels

PRAJ – Leading the way in Renewable Gas:

As global leader in Biofuels Technology & Plants, PRAJ has a strong track record in Renewable Gas Plants. Over 40 Industrial Installations with capacities up to 1500 M3/Hr

PRAJ renogas® Technology results from extensive research & development on

  • Compositional data of Agro-residues
  • Unique Microbial Consortia for Feedstock Pretreatment & Anaerobic digestion
  • Industrial Biomethane Fermentation Process Development
  • Digestate processing into Value added Soil Conditioner co-products
  • Advanced cost effective biogas cleaning techniques to give Pure Methane

PRAJ Multi-feed Multi-products renogas® Plants

  • Agri-Residues: Rice/Wheat/Corn straws, Cane bagasse/Beet pulp
  • Sugar Processing co-products Like Pressmud /Spentwash (Vinnase)
  • Composite or Mixed Industrial waste streams
  • Efficiently engineered Advanced Process plants
  • Continuous Microbial Feedstock treatment / stabilization
  • High yield Multi-phase Anaerobic digestion with selected Microbial consortium
  • Cost effective advanced Gas purification
  • CBG for Transport and Grid Applications
  • Combined Heat and Biopower (CHP) Applications
  • Value adding Organic soil conditioner co-products

PRAJ has developed “3 Key unique Technologies” for high gas yields & purity in Renewable Gas plants

  • Feedstock Pretreatment for Preservations & High Yields
    • Proprietary Microbial Consortium development
    • Hydrolysis & Preservation of TVS in convertible form
  • High Efficiency & Fast Biomethane Production
    • Proprietary Rumen Microbe consortium development
    • High Blogas & Methane Yields with CO2, reduction
  • Biogas cleaning to CBG
    • Efficient Low cost Chemical HS Removal
    • Efficient water based CO2 Removal
    • Cleaning and drying through the Molsieve Technique