Cleaning In Place (CIP)

Automated cleaning and disinfections with either recovery or disposal of the cleaning liquid is another crucial step in

Beer Production

An integrated 4 loop CIP system incorporating water, caustic and acid is provided for -

  • Brewhouse vessels, piping and valves
  • Wort cooling and treatment equipment, piping, valves and pumps
  • Yeast vessel, fermentation/lagering tanks, piping, valves and pumps
  • Filtration equipment, bright beer tanks, bottle filling machine, piping, valves and pumps

CIP system is fully automated, sequenced system with an option of manual intervention or a semi-automatic system. All process equipment are provided with in-built cleaning systems to facilitate thorough cleaning. Options like stationery/rotating spray balls, spray nozzles, tank cleaning machines, cleaning turbines are carefully selected to suit specific requirements.


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