Praj provides superior filtration systems in partnership with the global leader in beer filtration equipment M/s Filtrox (now Bucher Denwel). Praj and Bucher-Denwel have successfully commissioned over 54 filtration systems in India accounting for more than 85% of India’s beer production. We have also introduced India’s first beer recovery plant from surplus yeast.

Praj and Meura inked an exclusive partnership for India and sub-continent in 2006 to supply high efficiency mash filters for the brewhouse.Meura is global leader in wort separation technology using mash filtration equipment. Praj and Meura have successfully commissioned 11 mash filters across India. This collaboration has developed the electrical and automation hardware and software package for the Indian brewing industry and is the most successful partnership delivering the best technology at an affordable price.

Key Milestones

  • 1995

    First greenfield Brewery order from Foster's beer in India in 1995- within 1 year of inception.

  • 1998

    First turnkey brewery order from United Breweries Lanka Limited (UBLL) in 1998

  • XXXX

    First company to construct and commission India's largest brewery for SAB Miller Group

  • XXXX

    4 consecutive greenfield projects from United Breweries - Heineken in India between 2006 to 2014.

Turnkey Solution

When it comes to delivering brewery projects on turnkey basis, Praj becomes customer’s single point contact for mapping and executing the project needs.
Our team spends enough quality time with customers to understand the needs to produce some of the world’s favourite beers. Our offerings are aligned to customer’s budgeted investments, timelines and future expansion plans.
Praj plans & details out the project in 6 phases - visual

  • Feasibility and Viability Analysis

    Capacity and configuration Provision for expansion Payback analysis

  • Technical Assistance

    Estimation of utilities Handholding in permitting process

  • Detailed Engineering and Design

    Of various and equipment and section of the plant

  • Manufacturing and Procurement

    Of process equipment, utility packages and other bought out items

  • Project Management and Execution

    Onsite plant construction and execution Testing and commissioning

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