While beers differ primarily in clarity, gravity, color and taste, it is the filtration technique that sets it beer apart. Praj, in association with Bucher-Filtrox of Switzerland, offers a comprehensive range of sterile, hygienic filtration systems to ensure clear and bright beer. We offer candle filter for Kieselgur filtration and pre coat candle filter for stabilization of beer with PVPP module/sheet filter for polishing.


  • New SYNOX 2.0 PF/PS filter series which supersedes FILTRO jet (which was the bestselling candle filter globally)
  • Industrial machines between 30 and 1200 hl/hr in operation
  • Patented STABOX 25 mm candle to maximize available sludge volume & minimizing turnaround timings
  • New patented JETCONTROL 2.0 inlet distributor
  • Total drain system TDS with scavenge pipe inserts
  • SYNOX 2.0 PS candle filter ensures fast turnaround time and low PVPP losses

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