Praj closes Q2 FY 2017-18 with QoQ improvement of 12% in the turnover 1st Nov 2017

Praj has reported an encouraging performance during the 2nd quarter of FY 2017-18 on the back of synergies derived from the recalibration of the business portfolio into three verticals of Bio-Energy, High Purity Systems, and Engineering Businesses. With the economy gaining momentum, Praj is well placed to capitalize on the opportunities as they unravel.

Performance Review for Q2 FY18 – Consolidated:

  • Income from operations stood at Rs 207.87 crore (Q1 FY18: Rs. 185.91 crore, Q2 FY17: Rs. 196.67 crores)
  • PBT is at Rs. 5.86 crores for the period (Q1 FY18: Rs. 0.49 crore, Q2 FY17: Rs. 6.28 crore)
  • PAT is at Rs. 4.74 crores (Q1 FY18: Rs. 0.41 crore, Q2 FY17: Rs. 3.04 crore)

Performance Review for H1 FY18 – Consolidated: 

  • Income from operations stood at Rs. 393.78 crores (H1 FY17: Rs. 393.36 crores)
  • PBT is at Rs. 6.35 crore for the period (H1 FY17: Rs. 11.18 crore)
  • PAT is at Rs. 5.15 crore (H1 FY17: Rs. 7.15 crore)