Livestock Performance Enhancers

Livestock performance enhancers segment focuses on improving health & productivity of dairy, poultry and aqua livestock, through natural bioproducts. These highly researched product forms are based on performance microbes and biomolecules. They are classified into three technology platforms -

Ethical antimicrobials

Ethical antimicrobials are unique alternatives to antibiotics in the livestock industry. These next generation molecules are derived from bacteriocins platform. They are produced by fermentation of select bacteria. Bacteriocins separate regime of human and animal treatment therapies. The formulations are produced from GRAS bacteria. These proprietary formulations of bacteriocins act against gram positive and gram negative pathogens and eliminate systemic and localized infections in dairy animals, poultry birds and aquaculture.

Feed assimilation enhancers

The feed assimilation enhancers offer combination forms of feed acting microbes and vital metabolites. They improve nutritive quality and assimilation of dairy/poultry/aqua compound feeds and fodders.


The pro-immunobiotics product-range comprises select proprietary probiotic microbes, immunity enhancers and vital metabolites. They improve assimilation immunity and health of livestock species leading to higher productivity.

These technology platforms make critical intervention at each key block of the livestock industry segment.

The products cater to the key application segments explained below -

Praj offers key bioproducts for improving animal health & productivity. Dairy bioproducts address the needs of the animals through key intervention products that act on feed and fodder for improvement of their digestion and assimilation and animal health for improvement in immunity and health thus increasing productivity of individual animals.

The products in dairy segment are -

Feedmax C: Compound cattle feed additive based on rumen microbes
Feedmax C comprises rumen acting bacteria which help in the quick & complete digestion of Lignocellulosic fiber in feed in addition Feedmax C improves assimilation of proteins & fats through microbial actions. In addition, Feedmax C also contains key enzymes and micronutrients. This leads to improved FCR and milk yield & quality. The microbes in Feedmax C competitively eliminate rumen pathogens. Feedmax fortified compound feed gives long lactation cycle with improved milk yield and composition.

HiFeed: Liquid additive for improved digestion of dry fodder / TMR
HiFeed is a liquid formulation for daily dry fodder/TMR. It is based on select group of fiber acting microbes & enzymes. It results into quick production of volatile fatty acids and reduce the pH of the feed. They improve the feed assimilation and palatability by acting on fibers and protein through active enzyme production. With HiFeed the feed gets better texture, flavour and taste while minimizing fungal growth and afla-toxin production. Hifeed stops acidosis and stabilizes rumen. The proven benefit of HiFeed is minimal feed wastage that leads to better economic gains.

SID: Silage inoculant cultures quick silage from corn, sorghum, grass and sugarcane
Green fodder needs long term preservation along with improved nutritive value. SID is liquid silage inoculants based on proprietary species of ensiling bacteria which ensure rapid ensiling of corn, sorghum, sugarcane and grasses. The silage is completed just within 18-22 days with very rapid production of desired volatile fatty acids and pH drop. SID silage has high nutritive value due to production of microbial proteins and vitamins. SID based silage is aerobically stable and prevents fungal growth. It results in high milk yields, better feed digestibility leading to improved farm productivity.

PIB-D Proimmunobiotic for dairy milch cattle
PIB-D is a pro-immunobiotic formulation in powder form. It is given to animals through direct feeding via compound feed or TMR. It consists of selective strains for rumen acting probiotic microbes from the Bacillus and Propionibacterium genera. PIB-D also contains vital micro-nutrition and immunity enhancers. PIB-D results into 10-15% increased milk, fat and proteins; 25-50% reduced mediation costs, 5-10% longer lactation cycle with improved pregnancy statistics and reduced infections.

NOMAS: A sterile liquid udder spray for mastitis control
Mastitis control and prevention is the key requirement in dairy farms. Nomas spray is a non-antibiotic bacteriocin based formulation spray for mastitis control. Nomas spray is applied post milking to the animals having history of mastitis or animals having subclinical mastitis. Nomas avoids loss of milk and eliminates accumulation of E. coli, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus and Clostridia on udders. The product is recommended for use along with antibiotic in case of clinical mastitis cases to prevent recurrence.

Praj has developed innovative microbial products for broiler, layer and breeder segments in poultry. These products enhance the poultry feed assimilation, health of birds, FCR, while reducing morbidity and mortality. Improved EEF results into heightened farm productivity. They also allow antibiotic free operation of poultry farms. These products have been regularly used by many integration companies.

PIB-Pro: Proimmunobiotic for poultry birds
PIB-Pro is feed additive formula. It comprises select gut compatible microbes along with Immunity enhancers. These microbes eliminate pathogens and improve feed assimilation quickly. Immunity enhancers and micro-nutrition help in stress resistance and reduced mortality. This powerful formulation leads to more than 10% improvement in FCR and weight gain in broilers and 5% improvement in egg production of layers and breeders. Reduced mortality, improved EEF, better quality of meat/ eggs give high profitability. PIB Pro can also be given through water in additional doses.

LICBAC: Non antibiotic liquid formulation to prevent bacterial epidemics in poultry birds
Licbac is a bacteriocin based non-antibiotic product for eliminating E.coli, Staphylococcus, Salmonella and Clostridia. Licbac avoids bacterial epidemic in poultry birds like perfringensis, Salmonellosis and colitis. The formulation effectively reduces morbidity and mortality. Licbac gives effective productivity improvement thereby reducing cost of production.

Bacteriocin based solid formulations for poultry compound feed application designed to replace use of antibiotic growth promotors are in the offing.

Praj offers key products for improving performance of aqua ponds. The microbes and enzyme based products improve growth rate and FCR in aquaculture farming. In addition, the products reduce diseases and help in controlling pond turbidity.

Feedmax A: Microbial formulation for improving aqua-feed assimilation and farm productivity
Feedmax A is a premium formulation of microbes for aqua feed application. It is mixed with the daily feed given to ponds and can be used for both floating and sinking types of feeds. Feedmax A prevents improves feed assimilation and FCR. It gives quick and healthy growth of all types of fish. Feedmax A also helps in selective prevention of pathogenic bacterial infections in fish. As a result, ponds mature early with improved weight gain and FCR. Fish produced with Feedmax A are of high quality and disease free.

Praj offers food grade safe natural preservatives for food preservation. These are bacteriocin based globally approved safe preservatives. They can be applied to processed meat products, liquid egg products, milk and milk products and liquid foods like fruit juices, cold drinks etc. These are permissible in the food chain.

Prasin is a Nisin based formulation produced by proprietary process from lactococcuslactis. It helps in preventing food spoilage microbes in process foods. Prasin helps in extending shelf life of processed meat products and milk products. Prasin is applied at ppm levels and does not affect taste or flavour of food products. It adds safety through ethical means during preservation of livestock industry products for human usage.