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Value Maximization

Through Advanced Technologies

Comprehensive solutions for ethanol industry globally.

New technologies for enhancing performance of existing facilities; Yield Maximization; Co-Product Generation; Product Flexibility; Water & Energy Reduction and Equipment Retrofit.

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One-Stop-Shop For Beverage, Industrial,
Pharmaceutical & Fuel Grade Ethanol Plants...

With over 600 references in more than 60 countries, Praj has an extensive experience of designing and installing beverage, fuel, pharma and perfumery grade alcohol plants based on variety of starch and sugar based feedstocks. With focus on offering sustainable solutions, Praj is continually upgrading and innovating technologies for delivering enhanced plant performance.

Praj offers many new technologies for enhancing performance of existing facilities, be it Product Maximization or Co-Product Generation, Flexibility of producing multiple products, Capacity Enhancement, Water & Energy Reduction or Retrofitting equipment.


CombiFerm Fermentation Technology

  • Combines the best of Continuous & Batch Fermentation
  • Efficiently processes multiple feedstock, like sugar,
  • starch and biomass based
  • High ethanol titre leading to lower water footprint
  • Low CIP effluent
  • Delivers consistent plant performance
  • Lower footprint
  • Ease of operation
CO2 Recovery Plant (EcoPure)

  • Production of Food Grade
  • (ISBT compliant), Beverage and
  • Industrial grade CO2
  • Low production cost per ton of CO2
  • Skid mounted unit
Ecofine Distillation Technologies

Ecofine Distillation Technologies for Fuel, Beverage and Industrial grade alcohol

  • Scientifically designed distillation system delivering reliable performance
  • Depending upon energy source and customer's choice, multiple design options are offered like Atmospheric, Vacuum, Multipressure, Split Distillation Plants can be designed for product flexibility
  • Different grades of beverage alcohol like Rum Spirit, Extra Neutral Alcohol, Vodka grade spirit as well as Korean A, B or Japan grade
  • Flexibility to product Pharma/Perfumery grade alcohol through energy efficient EcoSmart Distillation Technolog
  • Energy reduction upto 60% by adopting advanced technologies like Evaporative Distillation or Mechanical Vapor Recompression technology
  • Plants for production of specialty spirits like brandy, Grape Spirit and Malt Spirit
  • Product recovery & concentration technologies for advanced biofuels
  • Energy efficient molecular sieve dehydration (EcoMol) system for production of ultra dry ethanol for fuel, pharma and perfumery grade alcohol
Advanced Wastewater Treatment Solutions

  • Technologies available to treat wastewater generated from multiple feedstocks like sugar, starch based (grains, cassava) including biomass.
  • EcoMet XT Biomethanation system for maximization of biogas (methane) production; continuous operation for long duration without fouling of bioreactor.
  • Maximization of water recycle, reuse through application of Thermal treatment (Ecofine CST-Condensate Stripping Technologies), Membrane technologies (SBR, MBR, MBBR) and Advanced Photochemical Oxidation Technology - ECOPHOTOx
  • Value Maximization through Advanced Evaporation, Drying and Incineration technologies for Zero Liquid Discharge and Co-Product generation from raw and biomethanated spentwash/vinasse.
  • Advanced Biogas Cleaning Technologies (Ecoclean Technologies) for purification of Biogas for production of Power and BioCNG.
  • Production of Biofertilizer/Biocompost/Power depending upon feedstock and regulatory compliance
  • Energy integrated Evaporation & Drying technologies for production of DWG / DDGS from whole stillage in grain plants.
  • Energy recycle and reuse using advanced drying technology – Agitated Thin Film Dryers (ATFD)

Value Added Services For Value Maximization explorations


Technical Audit for Value Maximization opportunity exploration

  • Study of unit operations
  • Opportunities for reduction of energy, water and effluent
  • Utilization of existing assets for increasing, plant capacity
  • Possibility of retrofitting beverage alcohol plant in existing ethanol facility
Plant Operation & Maintenance Training

  • Optimization of unit operations, enzymes, yeast and utility consumption
  • Operator training for scientific operation of plant and CIP logistics
After-Sales Service for retrofitting and equipment replacement

  • Supply of equipment like degassifying column, fusel oil recovery and concentration system, methanol recovery system, dehydration plant, molsieves, heat exchangers, vapor bottles, etc.
Process Performance Enhancement & Trouble Shooting Services

  • Demonstration and supply of fermentation process enhancers
  • De-bottlenecking of unit operations
Analytical Services for feedstock and product

  • Analysis of feedstock, product – industrial/beverage/fuel and pharma grade ethanol as per international standards like AOAC, EBC and ASTM
  • Best-in-class analytical facility for feedstock and product analysis and pilot facility for 1G and 2G fermentation study.