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Quality Systems

Quality Assurance

Enlisted with inspection agencies like UHDE India, SGS and TUV, Praj relies on a robust Quality Assurance Plan, drafted right at the conception of any undertaking and stringently adhered to, right till the end. This monitors and controls all aspects of quality right from audit of engineering drawings, vendors, suppliers, site/shop fabricated items and all agencies involved in the process. Raw materials and equipment undergo stringent chemical and mechanical tests including DP testing and NDT methods such as radiography, ultrasonography, magnetic particle testing, penetrate testing and leak testing.

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Praj recognizes that safety and environment are important aspects of its offering. Not only for the customers and employees, but also for the long term survival of the ecosystem. To take care of health, safety and environmental aspects of its business, Praj has a well-established HSE Policy. Praj is committed to continually improving its performance in relation to health, safety and the environment. 

Systems and procedures have been established for implementation of all stages. Praj HSE Team has a systematic approach in managing HSE at manufacturing units, Research and Development Centre, Engineering Center and at all project sites and offices. 

Stringent norms are being followed in accordance in various operations and processes. 

Some basic elements of HSE Management System adopted are given below:

As per the need of the operations, Personal Protective Equipment, are provided.