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Project Services

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Utility Engineering

We provide engineering and integration of utilities with the process plant. We also provide complete project management package including procurement assistance, expediting, inspection, supervision of installation and commissioning.

The utilities include:

Turnkey Process Plants

Process Control & Automation

Brewing is a critical bioprocess and hence it is essential to monitor each and every step in brewing. To simplify all steps of monitoring, we offer process control and automation right from malt reception to the tank farm/cellar upto bottling.

Level 1: To control critical process parameters and maintain consistency in product quality.

Level 2: PLC based Control System with Data Acquisition facility to control critical process parameters and log data.

Level 3: PLC based control system with auto sequencing and data acquisition system. This system facilitates control of critical process parameters and automation of Standard Brew Logging, Fault Logging, with a provision of generating reports with an option of internet based remote access.

Manufacturing Expertise


Project Management & Construction

Project Management is the key strength of PRAJ handling projects. Timely and smooth completion of the projects are an essence of PRAJ Project Management. PRAJ has a strong pool of project Managers with experience of working on a global scale.

The Project Managers are well trained with many of them certified Project Management Associate (CPMA), who have passed International Project Management Association - Level D Examination, Switzerland.

The site team has significant experience and knowledge on the local conditions.

Technology Development Center - Praj Matrix

Brewery Laboratory following EBC standards

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