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Project Management

Project Management plays the most crucial role right from contract award stage till its conclusion stage i.e. till handing over an integrated plants to the customer as per agreed terms, conditions and specifications.

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PRAJ has another big team for managing its projects throughout the contract execution period. This team caters to various requirements of the project in following manner.

Having supplied the plants to 5 continents (Asia, America, Australia, Africa and Europe) in more than 60 countries, PRAJ project management team possesses desired skill and proactive approach to understand varying requirements of customers from all over the globe.


Though the common language of communication is English, the team has adequate members who can communicate in other international languages like Spanish, Portuguese and most of the Indian dialects.

The size of the project management team enables to depute competent member to plant site or to supplier’s premises to review the progress and expedite the project as required by the contract.

In general, PRAJ project management team interfaces with the Customer as well as with the following throughout the project execution period

Project management cycle