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Praj Matrix

Developing Sustainable Solutions for a Better World

Praj Industries Ltd is a global knowledge-based company with expertise and experience in bio-processes, engineering and projects.

As its core business, Praj offers innovative technology solutions, project implementation and management services to the bio-ethanol industry. Praj is also deeply engaged into two major growth platforms – one focusing on Industrial Solutions for Water & Wastewater Management and Critical Process Equipment & Systems and the other on BioBased Products. Driven by knowledge, innovation and technical excellence, these business lines strive to stay ahead of competition through continuous investments in cutting edge technology & product research carried out at Praj Matrix –R & D Center. Praj Matrix is the common innovation engine for all business units of Praj Industries. PRAJ Matrix undertakes and executes research Programs to serve technology requirements for the business units of Praj. Praj Matrix also conducts research in the emerging areas of industrial biotechnology like second generation biofuels, advanced biochemicals, health and wellness products.

Praj Matrix is designed along the principles of sustainability and innovation with the goal of providing environmentally friendly solutions for a future-perfect world. Praj Matrix applies multi-disciplinary experience and expertise, deploying world class laboratory, pilot and scale up facilities to accelerate the development of bio-based technologies. These facilities ensure development of robust technology packages that exceed customer expectations of performance, cost and quality. The department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India has certified Praj Matrix – the R & D Center as an In-House R & D laboratory unit. The R & D campus has received status of Private Sector Bio Tech Park by the Government of Maharashtra. Located in Pune (India), Praj Matrix is built on a 5 acre expanse with a built-up area of about 85000 square feet.

The R & D Facility is organized around the principle of Centers of Excellence. It has 5 major Centers of Excellence. Molecular Biology and Microbiology; Bioprocess Technology

Analytical Sciences; Chemical Sciences; and Scale up and Process engineering. It is supported by around 100 technologists including 20 PhDs.

Praj Matrix has Collaboration with University of Pune for M.Tech-PhD program for its employees.

Customized Research Services & Solutions (CRSS)

Matrix, the R & D Center (division of Praj Industries), offers wide range of customized research services and solutions that will help Companies and innovators to:

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Technology research & development at Praj Matrix supports the following three business lines:

Research projects at Praj Matrix are initiated primarily on the basis of market feedback provided by the business units. This could come from a customer requirement or a technological shift anticipated by the industry or the scientific fraternity. The nature of research undertaken here can be divided into broadly three categories – incremental innovation to grow existing business line, disruptive innovation in existing business line or development of an altogether new business line or product. Each research project is sponsored or owned by at least one business unit. While the project is managed by the technology management group, the overall direction, pace, resources & timing is set by the business groups.

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