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Praj Foundation was established in 2004 to give expression to the sensitivities of Praj employees and family members towards societal responsibilities. While this was already happening in the Company, Praj Foundation helped put all its social impact activities under one roof with a clearly stated objective. The idea was to create areas of focus within the ambit of its social activities that would best reflect the strengths of the company.

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Ms Parimal Chaudhari, Managing Trustee, Praj Foundation, acknowledges that it is the combined effort of all concerned and interested members of the organization who worked on social projects even before she took over the role of the Managing Trustee.

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Praj Foundation conceives innovative projects that serves the Foundation’s objectives and implements these projects with the help of voluntary agencies and other organizations. Praj Foundation also works towards setting protocols and monitoring of projects and carries out impact analysis of all the projects.

While Praj Foundation( PF) focuses on creating replicable model Praj CSR takes it further to implement these projects on larger scale.

Our Approach

To contribute towards Sustainable Development by developing and implementing innovative ideas in the focus areas thereby improving the quality of life of all the stakeholders is the approach followed.

A. Selection of NGO/Institutional Partners.

Praj usually implements CSR interventions in partnership with NGOs/ Institutions. The partners are selected based on the credibility and expertise of the agency in specific focus areas of Praj CSR.

Considering the expertise available in house, in few cases, Praj co- creates projects which are conceptualized by Praj and jointly executed in association with NGOs.

B. Project Selection

For any CSR team to be successful, it is important to choose projects that have a natural affinity to the Company’s business philosophies and beliefs.

When finalizing projects to be associated with, the Foundation bases its decisions on the following factors:

Project Proposals satisfying the above requirements are discussed with the Managing Committee. These Proposals are either approved or referred back to NGO for suitable modification & resubmission.

C. Monitoring, Evaluation & Impact Analysis

Based on the activity schedule, budget and project outcome, a monitoring & evaluation plan is prepared jointly with the Partner.

Similarly appropriate systems are jointly developed for documentation of Project activities. Project reviews are undertaken at periodic intervals depending on the type of the project. Necessary course correction if any is suggested and agreed upon.

Impact Analysis of the Project at the end of the project tenure.