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Praj-Matrix : R & D Centre


“To be a Global Leader in Break-Through, Sustainable and Commercializable Technologies for Renewable Energy and Biobased Chemicals and Materials, Environment and Health Solutions while enhancing Societal and Stakeholder Value.”

Praj Matrix focus areas


  • Ethanol
  • Advanced Jet Fuels
  • Drop in Fuels

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BioChemicals based on

  • Pentose Sugars
  • Hexose Sugars
  • Lignin

Health and Wellness products such as:

  • Cosmetic Ingredients
  • Functional Food Ingredients and Nutraceuticals
  • Probiotics and Prebiotics
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Oleochemicals

Advanced Strain Development

Pathway Engineering and Genetic Modification of micro-organisms for the production of BioFuels and BioChemicals

Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence

Praj Matrix employs a Centre of Excellence (COE) model as its operating mechanism. Each of the four COEs brings a particular technology specialization to the fore. Technology programs utilize resources from various COEs at any given time.

Clean Room Facility

Clean Room Facility

  • Praj Matrix has 9000 sq ft of Clean Room Facility housing 6 research laboratories for conducting microbiology and molecular biology research.
  • Major research activities in this facility include Isolation and screening of microbes for novel activities which has resulted in the development of engineered strains for Biofuels and Biochemicals. Enzyme characterization and Assay development are also carried out in this facility.
  • The clean room facility has the Infrastructure and expertise for handling Aerobic, Microaerobic and strictly Anaerobic microorganisms.
  • Clean room facility is equipped with PCR, Real time PCR, Electrophoresis and Electroblotting units, Gel Documentation systems, Electroporation and Cell Fusion Systems, Chromatography systems, Ultra Centrifuges, Spectrophotometers, Biosafety cabinets, Anaerobic glove box, Lyophilizers and Ultra deep freezers to carry out strain development work.

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Bioprocess Development Facility

  • State-of-the-art sterile fermentation facility for bioprocess development
  • Fully automated fermentors from 2 L to 100 L scale under one roof for rapid process scale up and validation.
  • Multipurpose facility flexible for various downstream processing configurations.
  • Fully equipped to generate commercial grade samples for various applications.
  • Processed in the same plant with addition of balancing equipment systems for production of different grades of alcohol .
  • Downstream processing expertise and equipments including S/L separators, membrane separation units, chromatography columns, Liquid-Liquid extractors, Crystallizer, Vacuum evaporators, Dryer and leaching apparatus.

Praj Advance Cellulosic Ethanol Program (PACE)

Having established encouraging results at Laboratory and Pilot Scale for the 2nd generation Lignocellulose to Ethanol Program over the past 4 years, Praj Matrix is engaged in the scale up of the PACE program which involves setting up of a demo plant using agri waste . The program will also lead to sustainable process development of biochemicals.

  • Location: India, 1st plant of it’s kind in the tropics
  • Capacity : 100 TPD biomass (dry basis)
  • Feed stock flexibility : Corn cob, corn stover, bagasse, cane trash
  • Proprietary, optimized feed treatment for each feed stock
  • Energy Integrated, Zero Liquid Discharge Scheme
  • IP Status: 1 patent granted, 5 filed
  • Scale up of Experience & Expertise of 30 Years of technology & plant installation

Cellulosic Ethanol Program

Recent Awards And Recognition :

Praj Matrix is a recognized research centre by DSIR, Government of India

  • 2013 : PRAJ Matrix bestowed with the ABLE Tenth Anniversary Award under the BioIndustrial category for it’s efforts and dedication towards Biotechnology.
  • 2012 : Praj matrix awarded the Bio-Excellence Award 2013 for it's outstanding contribution to BioIndustrial Sector.
  • 2009 : Bioexcellence Award- Industrial Biotechnology
    Praj Industries Ltd. was awarded with Bioexcellence award for it's brilliant performance in Industrial Biotech Sector at international conference, Bangalore Bio 2009.
  • 2007 : The Innovation Award - IIT Bombay/ Tie Pune Chapter
    Praj was awarded The Innovation Award for development of technology for Production of Ethanol from alternate feedstock - Sweet Sorghum
  • 2005 : National Award for "Outstanding In-House R&D Achievements” DSIR, Govt. of India: Praj was awarded for the contribution in the field of Multi feed ethanol production technology- Smart Distillery

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Praj Matrix - R & D Centre

Praj Matrix - R & D Centre

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