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For the main business lines,namely (1) Alcohol (2) Brewery (3) Water & Waste Water Treatment (4) Critical Process Equipment & Systems, PRAJ supplies Integrated plants & systems to its customers.

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The constituents of an integrated plants & Systems are

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To design and engineer each of these constituents as well as to integrate all these, PRAJ has adequate competent in-house design and engineering resource groups for

Close coordination and stage wise reviews of all the drawings, documents, specifications generated by these design and engineering groups is very critical for an integrated plants. This is ensured through effective work systems for the following:

Best of the best design softwares are used during design of the plant. To name a few:

In addition in-house developed softwares are widely used for design as well as engineering.

2-D drawings are generated on AutoCAD platform.

Having supplied the plants to 5 continents (Asia, America, Australia, Africa and Europe) in more than 60 countries, PRAJ design and engineering team has thorough knowledge of all the applicable international codes and standards.

Customer’s specific requirements in the form of standards and specifications are studied in detail to ensure total compliance during design and engineering.

PRAJ design and engineering team also contributes in developing Quality Assurance Plans (QAPs) or Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs). It also extends support during inspection especially for critical bought outs and during construction activities at plant site.