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Ecofine Distillation Technology

Keeping in mind specific needs for product quality, energy consumption, a range of Ecofine distillation schemes are offered from a simple system for industrial alcohol to a complex distillation plant for different grades of beverage alcohol with very low impure spirit cut. A special system is offered for recovery of alcohol from technical spirit enhancing throughput.

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Praj has incorporated high efficiency tower internals which enable effective separation of impurities. In order to ensure that the alcohol is of desired quality, factors such as impure spirit cuts, reflux ratio and congener profile are rigorously studied. The study and analysis leads to constant improvement in systems for high grade alcohol production.

Systems commonly offered are :

Vacuum Distillation Ecofine-TVS :

The plant is designed with maximum heat integration for the distillation of fermented mash with lower steam consumption. The Mash column being under vacuum, use of low pressure exhaust steam at 15 ~ 22 psig pressure substantially reduces scaling problems and thermal degradation in mash column ensuring better separation of impurities and better product quality. This system is Ideal for plants where low pressure steam is available from turbine.

Pressure Vacuum Distillation Ecofine-PV:

Characterized by low energy consumption as a result of heat integration with Evaporation and MSDH Plant.

Multipressure Distillation Ecofine-MPR:

Employed for production of superfine or beverage grade/extra neutral alcohol.

Multipressure Split Distillation Ecofine-SD:

Best suited where steam pressure is relatively high. Also characterized by further lower energy consumption.

MVR Distillation

Mechanical Vapor Recompression ( MVR) is a technology where the vapor is compressed in a compressor or fan to a higher pressure & temperature. This compressed vapor is then utilized as a heat source for distillation and evaporation instead of fresh steam. The MVR system offers significant reduction in energy consumption leading to overall reduction in water footprint.

EcoSmart Distillation

PRAJ’s Ecosmart* distillation process is based on integration of distillation and dehydration sections. In this process, the distillation columns have been configured to secure the benefits of integration along with flexibility to produce different grades and concentration of ethanol as per market demand.