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Distillery Bioconsumables

Effytone: Your Solution For Efficient Production

Effytone Fermentation Performance Enhancers :

Praj specializes in the development of innovative solutions that adds more value to Biochemical Processes. The expertise comes from – vast experience of process design, engineering, installation and operation of Continuous, Fed-batch and Batch type fermentation processes & comprehensive knowledge of feed stocks composition / variations and its effect on fermentation and yeast. The division combines the knowledge of biotechnology, microbiology, engineering and operations to deliver products to the process needs of bioethanol and sugar industry through production and supply of biotechnology based formulations which enhance the performance of the plant. The products are manufactured in accordance with GMP Standards at the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility .

Your single tool to maximize plant efficiency and your profitability

Effytone is a bionutrient with complete yeast nutrition for enhancement of fermentation performance in distilleries. While ensuring high rate of yeast metabolism during fermentation, Effytone also provides vital micronutrients which enhances yeast performance, vitality to achieve highest product efficiency inducing faster fermentations .It also results in rapid conversion of sugars to alcohol, ensuring higher yields and controlling the bacterial contamination and by-product formation, thereby enhancing yields.

Effytone Products Range : Customized feedstock based variants

Praj offers customized variants based on feedstock and application to overcome restraints in your process and improve operating margins.

Effycane for cane juice
Effymoll and Effymoll+ for Cane Molasses
Effygren for Corn, Sorghum
Effyweat for Wheat ,Rye , Barley ,Rye and Oats
Effycasv for tubers like Cassava/Tapioca
Effybeet for Beet Juice/Molasses

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Value added services

Apart from biotech formulations, the division also provides value added Expert Technical Support Services including :

Praj Biotech Products are well supported by qualified professionals and a network of local associates who provide customer service on 24x7 basis. A strong R&D back up is provided by Praj Matrix – The Innovation R & D Center.