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Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility - a way of life at Praj Industries

“Welcome to our Social Responsibility Agenda. We began our engagement in 2004 with a commitment to live our vision of sustainable development."

Social Responsibility engagements are implemented by Praj CSR and Praj Foundation. For a company working in the realm of Green Fuel Technology, sustainable development was the obvious choice for the company’s CSR agenda. Praj CSR is guided and facilitated in its effort by Praj Foundation, a trust formed in 2004 by Praj Industries that is engaged in projects that deliver sustainable solutions.

Sustainable Development through CSR Initiative

Promoting Sustainable Environment

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According to Ms.Parimal Chaudhari, Managing trustee Praj Foundation 'There are two ways of drawing up the Social Responsibility roadmap. One way is to do so mechanically because it’s expected of you. Or one can let it evolve organically in your company and let it become part of your business processes and employee role. We chose the latter. Why? Because we can ensure its continuity and its effectiveness.'

Promoting Sustainable Education

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The Social Responsibility agenda includes five major areas of intervention - Environment, Health-care, Education, Art and Welfare of Underprivileged sections of society.

Promoting Sustainable health care for rural women


We primarily support or undertake activities in Pune district. We are constantly scanning for opportunities of participating in societal causes and more sustainable activities. Our work is mainly participative in nature and is in association with other NGOs.

Promoting Sustainable livelihood

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Promoting sustainable Agriculture

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Pramod Chaudhari, Executive Chairman, Praj, shares how “The best part about our CSR journey is how it has enriched me personally. It has given me a lot of insights into the developmental challenges . I am constantly amazed by the leadership and the dedication in the social sector which has so many unknown obstacles and yet, we see so many who have succeeded in moving the needle. It’s humbling to be constantly sensitized to the needs of the ‘have-nots’. I am personally committed to adding innovative elements to the projects we undertake and am able to do so, thanks to all my work travel that gives me an opportunity to experience different models working, in different environments. The most fulfilling part of this incredible journey has been the feedback that apart from the monetary involvement, all stakeholders are happy to have such an engaged organization behind the effort” he points out.