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Careers at Praj

Praj is a leading global company providing innovative and sustainable solutions for ethanol and beer production, water & wastewater treatment solutions as well process equipment & systems for various industrial sectors including chemicals, oil & gas, pharma, food & beverages, textiles. Praj also provides biotech products and processes which includes bioconsumables for distilleries and livestock health & nutrition products.

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At the heart of this multifaceted, progressive global company lies a strong work culture that is unique and value based.

Praj culture epitomizes the richness of values based on human relations, mutual respect and integrity, while also rewarding professional meritocracy. We work as a one big family embracing trust, loyalty and responsibility in every walk of our work-life.

The Leadership team is easily accessible. More than a third of Prajites are Gen X professionals who have been associated with Praj for more than two decades. They bring forth a rich experience of having worked on a large number of different projects and technologies. The Gen Y brings energy and vibrancy as well as new ideas and thoughts to take Praj’s unique success story ahead.

This creates a synergy out of a diversified talent base.

The Global Advantage: Crossing geographical barriers


Praj offers its employees a global exposure through its presence across 5 continents in more than 50 countries. Praj provides unique opportunity to its employees to move across various functions in the organization to develop expertise across the value chain. This helps employees develop strong technical and managerial expertise in all functions across life cycle of the project and thus take international assignments to meet higher standards set by clientele. Praj takes special efforts in training it’s employees in various languages useful for their profile and understand their client/supplier/vendor in a better way. Linguistic capability is also coupled with training on culture and professional etiquettes which help them perform well in real time environment in overseas assignments. An employee with strong business acumen and sufficient exposure to domestic business is the most preferred candidate to take up overseas assignment within the organization.

Multifaceted Growth: Internal Opportunity across businesses

Praj with its inherent culture of nurturing multi-functional skills amongst the employees, provides “Internal Job Opportunity”. This enables Praj employees to opt for different functions within the same and sometimes across different business lines , helping them to develop unique set of skills. It helps them in designing the career path of their own choice and thus increasing their productivity. Considered as one of the ways, IJO accentuates the fact every employee shall get an opportunity to utilize his potential to the fullest. Internal movement ensures employee’s contribution is continued towards organization and his own interest in accepting new role designs his career path and improves the learning curve.

Graduate Engineer Trainees Program

The Company hires Graduate Engineer Trainees (GETs) annually. The hiring is done with an intention to create a talent pool to cater to the growth of the Company. Hired from leading technical institutions, GETs are run through extensive orientation program lasting for 8 months. This orientation aims to develop fresh talent into capable employees through exposure to entire throughput cycle of business and timely interventions by effective feedback system. The GETs are placed in various functions across business lines,post completion of their orientation program.

Extensive Induction Program

All new employees undergo a week long Induction Program. A structured program helps them in understanding different facets and functions of the Company. Sessions coupled with visits to manufacturing, R&D facilities is part of the induction program.

Culture of Intrapreneurship

Intrapreneurship is one of the core values of Praj. It means an employee with his initiatives and innovation coverts an idea into a profitable venture. At Praj, every employee is given freedom to think out of box, generate innovative ideas and ample opportunity to execute the right ones. To help this cause, Praj organizes “Praj Maha-Intrapreneur Award” every year. The objective with which “Praj Maha-Intrapreneur Award” formed is to recognize, acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of Intrapreneurs who exhibit leadership, innovation and risk taking ability. With its knowledge partners Praj hosts these awards annually through open invitations on its website for intrapreneurs to compete for the award. Integrity, Innovation and Respect are other core values which are considered are pillars of Praj. Employees ensure that all transactions take place with due cognizance to the same.